Mona Lisa

Feral Studios Westchester, FL

"Mona Lisa", 2023
Recycled Metal and LED Lights
Height = 15' Footprint = 10' x 10'

"Mona Lisa" is a stunning art car by the creative team of Feral Studios. This piece is a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci's iconic portrait of the same name, reimagined as a futuristic vehicle that combines art and technology.

The art car is made of recycled metal parts, salvaged from various sources, such as old cars, bikes, and appliances. The metal pieces are welded together to form a sculptural frame that resembles the shape and pose of the original painting. The frame is then covered with LED lights, programmed to change colors and patterns according to the mood and environment of the driver.

"Mona Lisa" is a playful and innovative interpretation of one of the most famous artworks in history, exploring the themes of identity, expression, and transformation. The art car challenges the viewers to question their assumptions about art and its relationship with society, culture, and technology.

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