Walter Productions Phoenix, AZ

Kalliope, 2014
Steel, wood, speakers, lights, lasers, flame effects
Height = 30' Length = 40' Width = 12'

"Kalliope" is a stunning sound stage by the creative team of Walter Productions. This piece is a part of their larger vision of creating immersive experiences that celebrate art, music, and community. 

The sound stage is named after the Greek muse of epic poetry and eloquence, embodying a spirit of creativity, joy, and the power of expression. "Kalliope" is a testament to the team's passion for transforming simple materials into extraordinary visual and auditory experiences.

Crafted with skill, the sound stage is composed of a double-decker structure, featuring a DJ booth on the upper level and a dance floor on the lower level. The sound system is equipped with 70,000 watts of high fidelity audio, delivering crisp and clear sound to the audience. The sound stage is also adorned with lights, lasers, and flame effects, creating a dazzling display of colors and patterns that sync with the music. When activated, "Kalliope" casts an array of beams, flashes, and sparks, creating an ever-changing spectacle of light and sound that electrifies the surrounding space.

Walter Productions' work invites viewers to engage with fundamental concepts of rhythm, space, and the beauty of artistic collaboration.

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