Walter Productions Phoenix, AZ

Heathen, 2015 Steel, LED, Fire
Height = 20’ Length = 40’

“Heathen” is a spectacular Art Car by the creative collective known as Walter Productions. This Art Car is a part of their larger body of work exploring the play of light, sound, and fire, to create immersive experiences that awe and delight.

The Art Car is inspired by the concept of the heathen, a term that originally meant “one who inhabits the heath or open country” but later came to be associated with paganism, rebellion, and freedom. “Heathen” is a tribute to the spirit of adventure, curiosity, and the exploration of the unknown, as well as the power and potential of art and technology.

Crafted with skill, the Art Car is composed of a modified truck, shaped like a horned beast. The truck is fitted with LED lights and fire effects, creating a dynamic and colorful display of light and fire. The Art Car also features a sound system, creating a musical accompaniment that synchronizes with the light and fire show. The Art Car is also interactive and responsive, allowing visitors to sit in the control seat and push the Big Red Button, igniting the fire vortex cannon which has the power to light up the sky and turn night into day.

Walter Productions’ Art Car invites viewers to engage with the concept of fun, joy, and adventure, as well as the importance of environmental awareness and conservation. “Heathen” is not just an Art Car; it is an expression of the artistic vision and innovation of Walter Productions, an invitation to appreciate the beauty and complexity of heathen and the open country

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