Fire Artforms

Zen Arts

Performance Medium

The Zen Arts team delivers a stunning performance by the talented troupe of highly trained performers they deploy. Their acts showcase the artform of fire dancing, fire breathing, fire eating, and fire manipulation, creating a spectacle of light, heat, and movement.

The performers use various tools, such as fire poi, fire hula hoops, fire swords, and fire fans, to create dazzling patterns and shapes with the flames. They also demonstrate their mastery of fire by breathing it out, swallowing it, or passing it between each other. The performance is choreographed to music that matches the mood and intensity of the fire.

Zen Arts Fire Performers are based in Los Angeles and have performed internationally for various events and venues. They have worked with Cirque Du Soleil, major recording artists, and renowned DJs. They are experts in safety and professionalism, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for their clients and audiences.

The fire performances by Zen Arts convey a profound depth of expression and passion, creativity and courage. It is a captivating display of the power and beauty of fire, and the skill and artistry of the performers who tame it.

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