Cyber Funk

J.C. Adams - Austin, TX

CyberFunk - 2022

Aluminum, Wood, Fabric, Paint, Leather, LED’s and lots of Gadgets

Chassis: 2010 Keystone Fuzion

Length = 40' Width = 8.5' Height = 13.17'

“Cyber Funk” is a spectacular Art RV by J.C. Adams and his creative crew. This vehicle is a part of their larger body of work exploring the play of colors, light, sound, and technology, to create unforgettable immersive experiences.

The RV interior design is a combination of cyberpunk (futuristic, high-tech / low-life, dystopia, rebellion, science fiction and noir) mixed with 1970’s funk music scene to create pairing that blends and vibes unexpectedly well together. Imagine musical legend George Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic and Leeloo from the film Fifth Element had a love child… this would be their motorcoach.

This immersive experience is built inside a massive 40 ft-long camper trailer with 9 ft ceilings. Cyber Funk can be an unforgettable lounge space or artist green room at festivals/events, and or also used as camping accommodations, sleeping up to 6 people, very comfortably with full RV amenities. Whatever your event or occasion, you’ll be in the funnest, coolest RV around, hands down.


Festivals, Events, Camping or as an Art Exhibit

Daily Rate:                $1,500

Weekly Rate:             $6,000

* Pricing may vary during special events


* Standard transportation costs based on time and distance.

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