J.C. Adams Austin, TX

Badillac, 2016
Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, Leather, LED’s and Pro Audio
Chassis: 1969 Cadillac DeVille
Height = 9’ Length 24’, Width 8.5’

“Badillac” is a legendary one-of-a-kind art car. Imagine this 1969 Cadillac time-traveled back through the Wild Wild West, then time-warped forward through a post-apocalyptic future, cracking Mad Max on the ass with a bullwhip screaming, “Hey, let’s dance!” 

The art car is a tribute to the spirit of adventure, handcrafted of metalwork, exotic woods, fiberglass and soft leathers featuring pro audio, lighting, and a DJ booth. Use as an art exhibit, performance stage or ridiculously fun transportation around town accommodating up to 16 passengers. It's Baaad, it's a Cadillac, it's The Badillac. 

JC Adams is a designer based in Austin, TX who has been creating art cars with teams of leading artists since 2007. Inspired by his love of cars, art, music and Burning Man culture, he aims to create immersive experiences and street legal rides that bring joy and wonder to both exhibits and the streets.


Ridiculously Fun Transportation

Pick up and delivery locations throughout Austin

3 to 4 hours:            $400 per hour

5 to 6 hours:            $375 per hour

7 hours or more:       $350 per hour

Art Exhibit, Sound Stage & Lounge Space

Delivered anywhere in North America

3 hours:                   $900

5 hours:                   $1,500

Full Day (8 hrs):        $2,400

Over Night (12 hrs):   $3,500

3 Day Event:             $9,000

5 Day Event:             $14,000

* Additional delivery cost based upon standard shipping rates

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