Acrobatic Artforms

Zen Arts Los Angeles, CA

Acrobatic & Aerialist Performers
Various Disciplines
Height and Footprint = Variable

Zen Arts acrobatic performers are a group of talented artists who specialize in various disciplines of aerial and ground acrobatics. They offer stunning shows that combine strength, grace, and creativity, to create unforgettable experiences for any event.

Zen Arts acrobatic performers can perform on tightropes, stilts, poles, hoops, trampolines, walls, and more. They can also showcase their skills in contortionism, capoeira, and acro balance duo. Their performances are choreographed, rehearsed, and set to music, to present an entirely original and riveting display of acrobatics.

Zen Arts acrobatic performers are not just entertainers; they are also storytellers. They can adapt their shows to any theme, mood, or occasion, to convey a message or a story through their movements. Whether they are dancing, dueling, or defying gravity, they always captivate and inspire their audiences with their passion and artistry.

Zen Arts acrobatic performers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a spectacular way to entrall their guests.

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